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Pilots of the Runway: Robby and Jackie

Manila's high fashion: Jackie Aquino directs 20th anniversary show of Professional Models Association of the Philippines in 2008.

Fashion shows never fail to amuse its audience by its grandeur, sophistication and excitement. Better known as the entertainment of the discerning high society, glamour is always an adjective that connects to fashion whether you’re in Paris, Milan, New York or Tokyo. Manila as becoming a fast rising fashion hub in Asia, fashion events are now much anticipated by many. Dramatic lights, upbeat music and slick runways make every model’s walk as stylish as the clothes they wear. Now, do you think this just happens because of magic? Then think again.

Model to Director Experience: Robby Carmona seats as the king of fashion experience.
Photo courtesy of Remington Tiu and Mel Lavadia.

Fashion is like an air that he breathes, fashion show is not an experience if Robby Carmona did not create it. At an early age, fashion was already his world. Robby’s dad was once a top model who traveled places and as he became his dad’s travel buddy, seeing trendy clothes and meeting designers got him interested to try modeling too. Self confessed unsuccessful being on stage as a model, he ventured into another aspect of fashion by producing and directing. For many years of professional experience in this field, Robby has proven that his innovation and passion for excellence in his craft made him an as in demand events director today. He’s very much known working on the stages of Philippine Fashion Week and Bench. Aside from that, he squeezes in his time as the main man behind the success of Saga Events, Inc. which specializes in production of fashion shows, product launches, corporate milestones and other brand marketing activities for the past 10 years. Robby as a true believer of teamwork and artistry, continues the promise of amazing his audience with new concepts to watch out for.

Pilot of a different runway: Father was an airforce general while Jackie Aquino is the captain of
Manila's fashion runway.

Living a glamorous life was one of his dreams. Born in a huge family with 8 children, Jackie Aquino started his career being in loved with the performing arts and music before becoming a stalwart in fashion direction. His father was an air force general but Jackie has chosen to take off on a different kind of runway. As fashion shows being redeveloped in the mid-80’s, Jackie made a reinvention on stage direction when he started to conceptualize an interaction between the models and its audience. This allowed models to freely do whatever they want on stage being in character to further develop their own distinctive style for them to be recognized. The idea became a hit and Jackie has found success in directing shows everywhere. But just like in any other success story, struggles really come along the way and dealing with drugs for him was the most difficult. Leaving a glamorous lifestyle, he flew to the US and lived a new life away from drugs. But his true calling came back when his best bud, designer Randy Ortiz asked him to come home in Manila to start doing his passion again. Jackie’s career returned smoothly as if he had never been gone for 3 years. Unforgettable runway shows for Piaget, Gucci, Ferragamo, Bulgari, Cartier – you name a global brand, he has done it. A genuine example of a renewed person, Jackie always shares his story to all the people he works with and now that story serve as a lifelong inspiration.

Filipino ingenuity is one of the traits that we could all be proud of globally. Robby and Jackie personify that great talent; excellence and perseverance are the keys to success despite of many challenges that may arise. These pilots of the runways have gone a long way; I guess their next goal to pursue is to train me as a cabin crew so I could be the next zoolander-like supermodel or if it doesn’t work at all – I’ll be happy to be a passenger forever as long as I’ll have an all access entry to the ladies’ dressing room. Now, I think that’s better than to be a supermodel. J

Adapted stories from Nicole Reyes, RPA Style (Robby Carmona) and Myrza Sison ( Jackie Aquino)

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